Complain, Criticize Or Change – Don’t Be Part of the Problem, Be the Solution

Does the worry of failure ever preserve you again? Have YOU ever talked YOU out of doing something YOU wanted to do – because you feared failure? You’re no longer alone. This is almost a phenomenon amongst women entrepreneurs.

Last weekend, I took time to sit down and study the October issue of Success magazine. After taking note of the unfastened CD throughout a avenue trip, I felt pressured to sit and study the many articles in that unique trouble on the topic of Failure and Handling Obstacles. This hits very close to domestic with the common challenges confronted by using my personal education customers.

Most regularly you will read articles about a way to gain achievement. I want to take a exclusive approach and give a few hints on facing fears and handling failure.

“Courage allows the a hit woman to fail-

and learn effective instructions-

from the failure-

so that in the long run,

she did not fail in any respect.”

– Maya Angelou

In commercial enterprise, all of us revel in failure Maya Angelou Quarter in some unspecified time in the future. It’s how we deal with failure that makes all the distinction in the global. In being attentive to the Success CD, there has been connection with 4 key questions around failure.

1. In the midst of failure, what is good approximately this?

It is so important to prevent and think it via. I’ve had my very own honest percentage of disasters given that re-launching my business just a few years ago. I, too, used to get sucked into thinking that everybody else had it less difficult – that everyone turned into ‘making 6 figures in 6 weeks (or much less!)’ and that I changed into the best one struggling. Not so! What I discovered became that there are instructions anywhere in every situation. Think approximately a latest situation or revel in that you deemed to be a failure – what is right approximately it? Did you analyze some thing approximately your self? Did you discern out a different way of doing something? There’s constantly properly. Be aware next time – take notes – and, as Maya Angelou always says: “When you know better, you do better.”

2. How can you use this as a tremendous pressure within the subsequent 24-forty eight hours?

On the CD, the phrases of know-how were specially associated with sales calls and those times in which you revel in rejection. The advice is to forestall, assume it via, determine, and take movement once more – right away. It’s like falling off a horse. We usually pay attention that it is crucial to get up and get back on that horse. Same holds true in conditions like making income calls. What may want to you have said in a different way? I realize, in my beyond, there had been many times when I could dangle up after which consider some key phrases that I forgot – one of them being to ask for the sale! Duh! I frequently discovered myself falling into the bad habit of truly education humans at the smartphone rather than asking probing questions to get to the heart of the matter/their pain. One of the advantages of running with my personal teach become that I audio-taped (with the man or woman’s permission, of course) the sales calls and then despatched the audio to my educate. She could assessment and ship back helpful tips – after which I would cross and make some other call. Sometimes, I might even call again the same man or woman – admit that I had now not dealt with the previous name within the exceptional manner and could we begin another time. Yes, that takes humility – however it additionally suggests authenticity when coming from a place of provider.

Three. Think about the pinnacle 2-three items this failure has given you – both in my view and professionally – and likely for the rest of your existence.

When we stop and think via recent commercial enterprise sports – whether or not a income call, a talking engagement, hosting a stay occasion – most of us come away considering how we ought to have dealt with it better… Otherwise. We’re human. That’s what we do. A higher way would be to evaluate – take be aware – and provide thank you that we even HAD the possibility inside the first area. I constantly remind myself that 95% of ladies entrepreneurs do not take a number of the risks that I actually have, in particular inside the past few years. I actually have determined the braveness to step up and step out – always maintaining in thoughts that I am being of provider. It’s approximately progress, now not perfection, for me. I do now not view errors as screw ups – it is all a getting to know curve for me. And the manner I think about it makes the difference – bring it!

4. What ability or approach do I want to examine/re-visit so this doesn’t occur again!

This is certainly one of my favored suggestions as it IS all approximately non-stop getting to know. What is one aspect I could do otherwise or better at my subsequent talking engagement – or stay occasion – or income name. Just one element can make a large distinction. The element is – you have got to get obtainable and continue to take action. That is the only manner you’re able to follow the expertise you received from that precise state of affairs.


Fail frequently. Fail rapid. Fail each day. The best ‘genuine’ failure is the failure to strive – to attempt whatever – to try some thing new – to try some thing again.

YES, IT TAKES COURAGE! Of path it does. If this changed into easy (entrepreneurship) – then all and sundry might be doing it. As a end result of all that I learned by means of taking note of that precise SUCCESS CD and reading that trouble of the mag, I’ve determined to exchange my method with training my customers this month – I am going to celebrate failure. I am going to reward failure. Because meaning my clients have taken action – they may be making extra income calls – they may be hosting extra stay events – they may be accepting more speaking engagements. They are stepping out and being of service. And that merits to be celebrated!

Pat Mussieux is fast turning into appeared as a particularly valued Canadian mentor for women marketers taking her very own business from 0 to a a couple of 6-discern home-based totally enterprise in less than 4 years. Much of her achievement can be attributed to her understanding in advertising, attitude and money!