FAQs – The DV Lottery Program

DV Lottery is a great way to obtain a green card to the USA.

1. What is the DV lottery?

An annual Diversity Visa lottery program grants permanent residence visas to those who meet certain eligibility requirements. Randomly, a computer will select the entries from each geographical region. This process ensures that all entries have equal chances of being selected for data sgp this lottery program. No one who qualifies for this program will be eligible for more than 7 percent of all visas available for that year.

2. Who is eligible to participate in the DV lottery

The applicant must have at least a high-school education or equivalent. The US does not accept countries that have a large number of immigrants. Your country cannot be eligible for the current year’s DV lottery program if more than 50,000 people from the employment and family based visa categories have immigrated to the US in five years.

3. Are there any restrictions on who can apply if they are not from a qualifying country?

You can still apply even if you’re not from a country eligible for the program. However, your spouse must be from a qualifying country. If you are selected, you and your spouse must enter the US together. All of your children below 21 years can accompany you to the US during your visit. As long as you were not born in an ineligible nation at the time you were born, you can still qualify.

4. Are applicants limited to one entry in the DV lottery?

You must submit one entry. You will be disqualified if you submit more entries than one. If both spouses meet the eligibility requirements, they can submit one entry each.

5. Do I need to submit my application myself or can someone else do it for me?

You can either prepare the entry and submit it yourself, or you can have another person submit it for you.

6. What about photos?

The form is not mandatory. You must submit recent, individual photos of yourself, your spouse, and any children under 21 years. You should not submit group or family photographs. It will be rejected if the photos do not conform to the specifications.

7. How will the winners be chosen?

At the Kentucky Consular Center, all entries will receive separate numbers. A computer will then randomly choose from all the entries received for each geographical region. Each entry has an equal chance to be selected.

8. How do I find out if I am selected?

When you submit your online application, you will receive a confirmation number. This number is essential to verify the results. Once the results have been posted, you can visit dvlotterystategov.

9. Are winners able to change their status?

Individuals who are physically present in the US can apply to the USCIS for adjustment of their status to permanent residents by filing Form I-485.