If You Want A Bigger Penis

It always amazes me how EVEN men who seem to have it all are silently imploring Santa for that one big gift he is unable to get down the chimney each year….a more impressive and larger male anatomy! Did you know that according to several popular mens health magazines the number one subliminal insecurity that Men have is that they fear their penis is too small? Even Men who are comfortable with themselves in other areas, if they are TRULY honest, will admit to wanting a bigger penis. If you find yourself in this group (which most of us certainly do) the good news is you are FAR closer to getting that Christmas present than you even recognize! Read on as I shed a little more light on some of what I have learned about the holy grail of male enhancement and improvement.Looks can be deceiving

While this may seem more like a a magicians slight of hand, or other stage trickery…it’s really not. You need to improve the surrounding real estate if you want your best assets to stand out. This means, dealing with the gut, the upper thighs and even applying some extra care in those grooming exercises that many of us overlook, especially in the cold winter months. The truth is, by simply taking care of yourself properly below the belt, stretching and keeping your surrounding skin smooth, you will LOOK larger…even if you don’t have a penny to invest in products or procedures which promise big gains. (which is another article for another time..:-)

More Muscle is MagnificentHave you ever thought it was impossible to build big biceps, triceps and pectorals through good old fashioned exercise? Than why extenze  would you consider buying pills, creams or herbs before simply settling down and working your most important muscles as well? Simply stated, men have been reporting magnificent gains for thousands of years using methods like Jelqing, Kegel exercises and more. They may have been CALLED different things in ancient Greece, but the process was the same. And regardless of what the skeptics may say…remember, it’s YOUR body – you should know when something has improved for the better. I do!