Terex Ecotec partners with Eriez on new metal separator for organics and bottom ash

Terex Ecotec has introduced the TMS 320 metal separator, offering operators application flexibility, increased production rates, and serviceability for application in metal recovery from compost, biomass, IBA (Incinerated Bottom Ash),  and waste.

InpartneringwithEriez, the TMS 320 incorporatestheRevX ST22 eddy current separator and rare earth https://www.aga-parts.com/bobcat/ drum magnet. The RevX ST22 eddy current separator is a premium 22-pole neodymium rotor that spins at just 3000RPM. Thisrotorisen casedinan ultra-thin carbon fiber shell, and a thin but durable PVC belt, ensuring that their tense field produced by the ST22 is fully employed to provide the most effective separation results. The 2m wide high-strength neodymium radial pole magnetic utilized for optimum iron recovery.

AccordingtoTerexEcotec, the TMS 320’s efficient drum magnet, and eddy current rotor, combined with good material flow, ensure accurate material separation. The TMS 320 metal separator offers quick and easy set-up and will be ready to process in minutes with no tools required. Plus, an unintuitive push-button control panel, variables peed drum magnet and eddy current belt, combined with a splitter system that offers accurate real-time adjustment, enables the operator to easily on figure the machine to suit a wide range of applications.

Designedtoprovideoperatorswitheasyserviceaccess, all conveyor sare built to a modular design allowing each one to be removed in dependently for ease of maintenance. Thesplittersystem can be moved away from the eddy current unit to provide unobstructed access to both the splitter system and eddy current rotor. Thisfeaturealsoenablesthe TMS 320 to fold within a 3m widetransportwidthandplacesitas a market leader.

Being electrically driven the TMS 320 can be powered by either the onboard gen-set or using the mains electricity supply. This flexibility provides the end-user with reduced operating costs, fuel usage, emissions, and noise levels. The TMS 320 is available in both tracked and static variants. The tracked units fitted with heavy-duty crawler tracks and offer Goodsite mobility making it a capable solution for difficult terrain.